The “Höhler“ caves in the Burgberg

Fancy an excursion into Meerane’s underworld?
Then have a look at Meerane’s Höhler caves. Under the town centre there are many passageways and cellars whose origins do not go back to mining. The first cellars are supposed to have been prepared in the 14th century. They were sometimes used to store food (including beer), as a refuge during town fires and enemy attack or as air raid shelters. The whole subterranean area was continually expanded and rearranged over the centuries. After World War II the caves became neglected and were filled with rubbish. A programme to clean up and restore the caves and passageways was begun after German reunification in 1990. The area under the church tower was secured and strengthened.Public tours into the underground world are possible since 1997. The restored caves cover an area of c. 3000 square metres.

The labyrinth with narrow passageways and cellars is three to eight metres underground. Visitors keep a cool head under their protective helmets all the year round at an average temperature of 8 to 12 degrees. Only the walls sweat – caused by a relative humidity of 98 per cent. An interesting 45 minute tour of the 350m long caves is led by an experienced mining engineer.



Thursday 10am, 11am and 1pm (except public holidays)
Entrance Teichplatz
Reservations for groups of 10 persons or more can be arranged for other times.

Stadtverwaltung Meerane
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phone: +49 3764 / 18 59 448
Photo left: Entrance to the caves, Teichplatz