Gugge-Musik from Meerane

What is Guggemusik? The layman would say, “They’re playing wrong…“ And that’s exactly what “Gugge” musicians seem to be doing. But there is a system behind it and the audience is carried away by the enthusiasm and fun of the music. The “Gugge” musicians say they make “carnival music of a different kind”.

 "Meeraner Gnallschoddn '95"      "Rasselbande '97"  
  "Draufgänger-Guggis"        "Urknall"   

“Guggemusik" has its roots in Allemanic Shrove Tuesday traditions. Meerane’s twin town, Lörrach, celebrates this day, using the music. After twinning in 1990, the custom gradually came to the Saxon town of Meerane – and the first Saxon Guggemusik association, "Meeraner Gnallschoddn '95" e.V., was founded in 1995. “Die Rasselbande ‘97” followed two years later. The third “Guggemusik” orchestra was founded in March 2003 – the “Draufgänger-Guggis” and the fourth was founded in 2009 - the "Urknall". Since then the music groups have been travelling in Saxony and elsewhere and managed to create a wonderful party atmosphere wherever they appear. The climax is the Carnival period with the famous Meeraner Carnival Parade which has been organised by the carnival association of Meerane (MCV) since 1994.Carnival associations, music and dance groups organise the show which attracts thousands of visitors to Meerane every year.