Friedrich Eduard Bilz

Although his is no rags-to-riches story (he was a weaver), he still managed to become a millionaire – Friedrich Eduard Bilz from Meerane (1842-1922). Like many of his colleagues, Bilz suffered from unhealthy working conditions, so he decided to do something about it. Over five years he wrote a book about herbal remedies which became the second most popular book after the Bible before World War II. In 1892 Bilz founded a healing centre in Radebeul which used herbal remedies. The centre still exists today. Bilz lived according to his findings: simple, practising sport, teetotal. With the aid of a drinks specialist he developed a brand of lemonade which was intended to further a healthy lifestyle - “Bilz-Brause”. The drink later became popular all over the world as “Sinalco”. In the town museum in the old town hall visitors can find out more about Bilz, his life and his work.